Why Exercise your Baby?

Baby Exercise

Tired of exercising tubby? Thanks to a new medical procedure there is now a surgical option that eliminates the need for exercise.

Revolutionary New Diagnostic Technology

Does online qualification sound like something from a sci-fi film? It's a reality today thanks to technology developed by a leading university and funded by Dr. Jeffery.

Introducing the Diginostic™ 5000-XR

Diginostic 5000-XR

By combining a deuterium core that is energized with an oxy-phosphorus gel, and relying on the phosphorus found in Cathode Ray Tubes or the crystals that are in liquid form in LCD monitors, it is now possible to give a thorough diagnostic test via your computer monitor. In the future this technology will be common place, but currently Dr. Jeffery is the only authorized user of this futuristic technology. As the military is currently negotiating rights to the technology used in the Diginostic™ 5000-XR, it may be some time before other doctors can offer you the time saving option of being diagnosed in your own home or office.

Does your baby qualify?

To enable Dr. Jeffery to determine if your infant or toddler qualifies for a surgical procedure, we need you to answer some basic pre-qualification questions.

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Before and After Surgery