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Baby Liposuction

Liposuction (lipoplasty) is a popular cosmetic body contouring procedure. The liposuction process involves suctioning out small amounts of unsightly fat tissue from the hips, thighs, buttocks, and abdomen in order to sculpt a more desirable body shape. Liposuction is not traditionally meant for weight loss, but is performed to improve a patient's overall appearance.

Baby Band
Liposuction can contour your baby's body in a simple office visit.

Pre-Op Examination

Our trained staff gives your child a full examination prior to the start of the procedure.

Comfort is our Priority

Your baby is sedated intravenously prior to the start of treatment. This helps ensure that your child's procedure is a pleasant one.

The procedure itself may cause some numbness that may last for sixteen hours or more after surgery. Any discomfort can generally be treated with baby aspirin.

The Procedure

Klein tumescent numbing solution is applied and the doctor will then make tiny skin entrance incisions with a scalpel to allow for the thin suction tubes (cannulae) to be inserted and suck out the unwanted lumps and bulges of unwanted baby fat. The actual suction takes about ten minutes.

Baby Band Control Unit
Only state-of-the art liposuction equipment is used by Dr. Jeffery.

Swelling is Normal

Some bruising and swelling may be apparent following liposuction. This swelling and lumpiness may not completely disappear for several months. This is entirely normal and parents should not be alarmed. During this recovery time, parents should remind themselves of the positive benefits that the liposuction is going to provide.


Most parents are very pleased with the results of baby liposuction. Dr. Jeffery is careful not to remove too much fat from a single location to reduce the chance of a "swiss cheese" appearance to the areas treated. Follow up procedures may be needed depending on the patient.

Baby Pre-op
Patients always receive a full medical evaluation prior to beginning treatment to ensure their safety.


The cost of liposuction can vary, but a general guideline is to assume that the more fat suctioned the more it will cost. Factors affecting cost are the volume of fat suctioned, the specific area suctioned, how many areas are suctioned, and how much time is spent suctioning the fatty tissue.

Fat Injections

Dr. Jeffery is currently experimenting with re-injecting the suctioned baby fat into other areas of the body to give parents their desired results. A J-Lo booty for your baby is now becoming a reality. A discount is available for parents wishing to have their child participate in a clinical trial.


Dr. Jeffery has perfected baby liposuction to an art and can sculpt and contour your baby's body to get rid of those unsightly and embarrassing baby rolls. Please contact us today to schedule treatment after you have taken the online qualification test.

Cosmetic Surgery for Tots

Cosmetic Surgery for Tots

Coming soon... Rhinoplasty, implants, hair transplants, facial contouring, Botox, and more!

Dr. Jeffery will be expanding his services to include cosmetic surgery for infants and toddlers. This is the perfect solution for all those mothers that have very high expectations for their little angel in beauty pageant events, modeling, acting, and social networking.