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Baby Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is one of the best treatments for obesity. It will help prevent or resolve many serious health conditions associated with obesity as well, including: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, arthritis, obstructive sleep apnea, cancer, asthma, skin infections, skin rashes, infertility, ankle swelling, gout, gastric reflux, migraines, premature death, and many others.

Overall, bariatric surgery will greatly improve your chubby child's quality of life and help him or her experience a healthier, happier, longer and more active life. He or she will be better able to participate in sports and other recreational activities and will enjoy a wider range of employment and educational opportunities. You can rest assured that bariatric surgery will benefit your child both physically and socially.

Introducing BabyBand™

Dr. Jeffery is proud to announce the BabyBand™. The surgically implanted device fights obesity by restricting calorie intake. The surgery is minimally invasive and can be implanted in infants as young as seven days old. "This is the perfect implant to prevent parental embarrassment from baby appearance comments from friends, relatives, and the general public. No more tubby chubby chatter..." states Dr. Jeffery.

Baby Band
BabyBand™ is available in seven different designer colors, including "Thin to Win Teal".

Be Proactive

The BabyBand™ is perfect for parents concerned about potential future obesity. Why wait for your child to become fat? It's already common place to vaccinate your child for "potential" diseases like polio and chicken pox. With the BabyBand™ there is now a solution available to caring parents who don't want to risk obesity in their child's future. The procedure is performed under general anesthetic so there is no need to worry about discomfort from the surgical incision. Recovery time from the BabyBand™ surgery is very short and pain medication to reduce crankiness or crying can be prescribed.

Baby Band Control Unit
The BabyBand™ radio control unit allows for remote adjustments to the band.


The BabyBand™ is fully adjustable via Dr. Jeffery's patented remote control unit. As your child's body grows, adjustments can be made to the band remotely from the Doctor's office.


One of the major benefits of the BabyBand™ over other bariatric procedures, such as gastric bypass, is that the device can be removed if complications do arise.


Dr. Jeffery has created a groundbreaking advancement in online patient qualification. To see if your child qualifies, please take the qualification test.

Gazelle Milk


Mother's breast milk is fattening, with up to as much as 17.5% fat.

Dr. Jeffery is proud to announce 100% pure Thomson Gazelle milk imported fresh from East Africa. It's the perfect way to reduce your baby's fat intake and weight.

Ever seen a fat Gazelle? We don't think so.