Why Exercise your Baby?

Baby Exercise

Tired of exercising tubby? Thanks to a new medical procedure there are now surgical options that eliminate the need for exercise.



Growth Hormone injections can turn your fat child into the next NBA Star. Rasing a child is costly... Why shouldn’t you get a return on your investment?

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Childhood obesity has reached epidemic levels in the United States. Researchers did a cohort study on 19,397 babies, from their birth until age seven and discovered that fat babies at four months were 1.38 times more likely to be overweight at seven years old compared to normal weight babies. Fat babies at the age of one were 1.17 times more likely to be overweight at age seven compared to normal weight babies.

Without a change in diet or exercise patterns, childhood obesity can lead to life-threatening conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep problems, cancer, and other disorders. Some of the other disorders would include liver disease, early puberty or menarche, eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, skin infections, and asthma and other respiratory problems. Studies have shown that overweight children are more likely to grow up to be overweight adults.

Baby Bariatrics

Let's Cut to the Baby Fat

Obese children often suffer from teasing amongst their peers. Some are even harassed or discriminated against by their own family. Stereotypes abound and may lead to low self esteem and depression.

Dr. Jeffery to the Rescue

Since graduating from medical school, Dr. Jeffery has dedicated himself to eradicating childhood obesity through a radically different approach. The statistics show the old school methods of diet and exercise just aren't working. Through careful experimentation with drugs, hormones and bariatric surgery, Dr. Jeffery has experienced great success in the fight against childhood obesity. Paying little attention to the skepticism he first experienced, today, Dr. Jeffery is considered a pioneer in baby bariatrics by his peers.

Cutting Edge Treatments

Dr. Jeffery has a multi-level approach to achieving your goal of having a non-obese child. These treatments include specially formulated growth hormones designed to turn fat into height, low-fat gazelle milk as an alternative substitute to breast milk, surgical solutions, including the BabyBand™, as well as a method of liposuction which has been designed especially for infants.

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Why wait any longer? The longer you put off doing something about your child's weight, the more you risk hurting their health and self-esteem. Take the online qualification test today and then contact us to schedule treatment and give your child the chance to succeed with their slimmer body. Dr. Jeffery cares about your child, do you?

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